Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 8

Take His Name

"Behold, I will lead thee by my hand, and I will take thee, to put upon thee my name." Abraham 1:18

Read Helaman 5:6-7
Read Mosiah 5:8-9
Read Doctrine and Covenants 20:77

-Look up Jesus Christ in the topical guide. Reflect on the different names of Christ. How does each name relate to you personally?
-Today make it a priority to bear burdens, give comfort, and stand as a witness.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My tree!

I love my tree-everything on it is sentimental to me--it's my perfect tree, only difference this year is that it is a real tree--Joe and I have never had a real tree--won't be going back to a fake tree again. Love the look, love the smell.
It is by complete silliness on my part that it is real--we had a fake tree--I sold it--why--I thought that our house was going to sell lightening quick--silly me--I should have realized by now that my timing and thinking have nothing to do with Heavenly Fathers knowledge and timing. Someday I hope to master this, learn to do all I can and turn it over to my Creator to show me His way. 
Here it is--isn't it perfect?......for me :]

Day 7

In Remembrance

Read Nephi 18:6-12
Read Doctrine and Covenants 59:9-10

"The ordinance of the sacrament makes the sacrament meeting the most sacred and important meeting in the Church." Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Elder Oaks encourages members to be seated "well before the meeting begins". This may take some extra effort on our part. What things can we do on Saturday to prevent chaos and contention on Sunday morning? Do we have all necessary clothing ready and laid out? Have we packed up all the materials for lessons, meetings, and other responsibilities? Do we have items ready to help young children be reverent? Is there gas in the car? Food in the fridge?


-Make a to do list of everything that needs to b e done prior to Sunday.
-Check everything off your list today.
-Read the Sunday School scripture assignments, and the Relief Society Lesson.

Guess you will never guess what I will be doing now--couldn't have come on a better day--it's Saturday a special day the day we get ready for Sunday.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 6

Keep A Record

Read 2 Nephi 4:15-16
Read 2 Nephi 25:21, 23, 26

"Keep an account of the dealings of God with you daily. I have written all the blessings i have recieved, and I would not take gold for them."  President Wilford Woodruff

-take time to write your testimony of Christ. Include your belief in Him, your gratitude for Him, or an experience that has strengthened your relationship with Him.
-obtain and keep a journal of your process of Coming Closer to Christ, recording the treasures and discoveries that come to you as you follow this path.

I have an on-going journal titled Amanda's Lessons that I write all these things in. I will probably never put it on here--it contains all my thoughts and feelings I receive when I study my scriptures, pray, watch conference, attend meetings, etc.... I love it! I hope that someday my children will read it and love it too! Does that sound vain-I just hope that they will take the time to read it really.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week Three Menu

French Toast
 McD's (Keddington family tradition on Thanksgiving)
Toast, Eggs, Strawberries, Yogurt
German Pancakes
Dino Biscuits, homemade Apple Butter
With cut up in season Fruit.

Kids for school-- Fruit, sandwich, crackers, water or koolaid, yogurt, string cheese if we have some, dessert
Mom and Dad-- Leftovers from last nights dinner, salad, sandwich, or just some fruit.

Stir Fry
Leftover Thanksgiving (2 days)
Teriyaki Chicken over Rice, Beans, Clemintines
Hamburgers, Relish Tray, Potatoes
Creamy Chicken Lasagna
School Fundraiser at Stevie B's

*I do not claim to be an expert or perfect--I can only try not to use processed foods

Day 5

Follow In His Steps

"One of the greatest blessings of life and eternity is to be counted as one of the devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ."--President James E Faust

Read 1 Peter 2:21
Read I'm Trying to be Like Jesus, Childrens Songbook 78-79

-How can you follow in Christ's steps today?
-Identify a quality of the Savior you would like to exemplify.
-When making a decisions ask, "What would Jesus do now?"

What is discipleship? It is obedience to the Savior. It includes keeping all the commandments, and forsaking ANYTHING that is not good for us.

This is the hard part "forsaking" those things that are not good for us! How do we determine what is not good? We can usually always recognize those things which are good--but sometimes the not good is hard to recognize. At least for me anyway.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 4

Who Is This Jesus?

"Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear."--Matthew 13:16
Read John 4:5-15, 25-26

For the Samaritan woman, this powerful teaching moment came at an unexpected time. What began as an ordinary task became life changing. Some of our greatest learning moments may come as we go about our daily work. We must learn to watch for "pearls" in our everyday lives.

-Prepare to receive a simple learning moment.
-Ask in prayer that your eyes and ears may be open.
-Try to discover, in every hour, some heavenly blessing that will bring you closer to Christ.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 3

I Stand At The Door

Revelation 3:20
Read Hymn 240 Know This, That Every Soul Is Free
Doctrine and Covenants 42:61
-How can you open the door to the Savior?
-Identify one way to let Him in and start today.
-Are there changes you can make in your life that will help you draw nearer to Christ?

One thing I can definitely work on is being quick to understand and listen to my boys. Sometimes I am way to irritated or "busy" to take the time to treat my children the way the Savior would.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Two

Come and See
Mark 1:16-18
John 1:38-39

"My desire today is for all of have a more straightforward personal experience with the Savior's example.  Sometimes we seek heaven too obliquely, focusing on the programs or history or the experience with others.  Those are important but not as important as personal experience, true discipleship, and the strength that comes from experiencing firsthand the majesty of His touch."   Elder Jeffery R Holland

Learn how to listen for the Savior's invitation to come and see. Most often it will come as we read the scriptures, visit the temple, attend church meetings and during our sincere prayers.

-determine what fills your nets. Are everday challenges ad demands, or feelings of inadequacy holding you back from developing a relationship with Christ?
-try to listen for the invitations from the Lord to come and see.
-prepare with a prayer in your heart for the experiences of each day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today I was starting to put out my Christmas decorations--every year since Joe and I were married (1999) I have made the Christmas cards we receive into these cute little boxes. I learned how to make them from some awesome YW leaders. I love them. But today I love them even more.......
I have cards from when my brother was on his mission, cards from Grandma Betty, cards from friends, if you have sent me a card--it's a box! I used to put them on my tree, but there are too many now! 
I was getting out last years cards to make them into boxes and I happened upon this card and this box--
I lost it....I miss my Uncle RJ so much! I started thinking about this past year and all of those that we love so dearly that have passed away.....our dear friend Leo, my Uncle, Joe's Grandma  it's been a tough year.  When I look at all the cards from years past I am so grateful to know that I have a Loving Father in Heaven who has made it possible for me to be with these sweet people again someday! And I am grateful for traditions that remind me of them and help me to still feel close to them.

Week Two Menu

French Toast
Pancakes, Boiled eggs
Toast, Eggs, Strawberries, Yogurt
German Pancakes, Sliced Apples
Dino Biscuits, homemade Apple Butter
With cut up in season Fruit.

Kids for school-- Fruit, sandwich, crackers, water or koolaid, yogurt, string cheese if we have some, dessert
Mom and Dad-- Leftovers from last nights dinner, salad, sandwich, or just some fruit.

Chicken Spaghetti, Corn, Salad
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
Date Night
Hot Dogs @ Sam's Like I said we aren't perfect it was grocery shopping day :]
Italian Pot Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Salad, Rolls
Beef Stroganoff, Fruit Salad
Stir Fry

*I do not claim to be an expert or perfect--I can only try not to use processed foods

Day One

Last year at our Relief Society Christmas Dinner they gave each of us a booklet "28 Days closer to Christ".  I just re-found it and thought I should start on it now--I will finish on Dec 20th--just before we head to Utah for Christmas.....hopefully, and I'm sure it will, help us (or at least me) have a more spiritual Christmas. 

So to start Day One:
Mark 5:25-34
"Faith is a principle of power.  God works by power, but this power is usually exercised in response to our faith."    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Day One Challenge
What "healing" do you need in your life?
How might coming closer to Christ help heal you?
-write down what you hope to gain from this process.
-decide when and schedule a time to devote to coming closer to Christ each day.

I hope to, like I said, gain a more Christ centered Christmas.  I hope to be a good example to my children of a woman who believes in and  follows the Savior.  I hope to be able to lead a more fulfilled and spiritual life.

I would like to set a time but for now I will just say that I will be doing this for the next 28 days everyday--and post it here!

**I only posted part of what is in the booklet.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm the coolest because I make biscuits in the shape of dinosaurs!   And I need to figure this one out--Jimmy says "I can't wear my socks, they don't feel good--they need to rest in my dresser." Sometimes that boy!!!  And Chase has been having "the best lunch(dinner/breakfast) he has ever had!" lately--I think we all like the new plan! And the results for week one--Joe -4 and me -2.4! Not bad at all!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something I L.O.V.E.

I love the smell of clean laundry--in fact if it's the right combo of soap and softner I don't even mind folding it all! So right now my absolute favorite is Tide with febreeze Sport paired with Bounce outdoor fresh dryer sheets.  But if I lived in a drier climate I adore line dried clothing. (I really do--when I visit my mom's in Utah during the summer I line dry my clothes. I don't know which I like better the smell of them or the actual hanging--but I love it!)
  Crisp and Clean!

Week One Menu

French Toast
Toast, Eggs, Bacon
With cut up in season Fruit.

Kids for school-- Fruit, sandwich, crackers, water or koolaid, yogurt, string cheese if we have some, dessert
Mom and Dad-- Leftovers from last nights dinner, salad, sandwich, or just some fruit.

 Grilled Chicken, Salad
Country Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Sliced Strawberries
Oven Chicken, Corn, Salad
Pizza (homemade :])
Sunday dinner with friends
Meatloaf, rolls, carrots, and apple slices
Spicy Beans with Smoked Turkey Sausage

*I do not claim to be an expert or perfect--I can only try not to use processed foods

Monday, November 15, 2010

Food 1

It's almost been a week since I started this one--we are going off the grid--in a food way that is,  no processed food and also no food containing Aspartame.....I know there have been reports both ways that aspartame is cancer causing and arguments that it is not, but here are my thoughts on is no secret that I have spent the last year losing weight, and I have lost quite a bit 40+ I of course am no stranger to light, no sugar added products!  But I started noticing labels a while back and decided that I no longer wanted to eat ANYTHING that contained aspartame... I don't know if it causes cancer or not all I know is that it is in A LOT and I mean A LOT of products most diet sodas (which I pretty much have cut soda out completely very hard for this avid Diet Coke drinker) most gums, almost everything that says "sugar free", light yogurt, crystal light, little drink packets for water know a lot of things a person trying to lose weight relies the new adventure begins with food I am not sure how it will all turn out--Joe and I both got our starting weights and will give it a week and then see what the results are. As for processed food--we are trying the "if you can't pronounce the ingredients-then don't eat it" rule--a little harder than it sounds? It might take some time to wean my kids off  of  some of their favs--but hopefully I will be able to replace them with some new healthier favs--Jimmy (5) did request meatloaf and carrots for his birthday dinner--so it might not be as hard as I imagine it to be?

Now here is where my old soul mojo comes in--we are on day 5 of  me getting up early to make a HOT breakfast. We all have homemade lunches.  We have only gone out to eat once--that was Thursday for my normal McD's playdate for Jimmy.  And I am trying to make more balanced meals--like my Mom and Grandma do.  I have loved every single minute of being in the kitchen--adds a lot of work to my day--but there is nothing I love more than serving my family!

The BIG plus to all of this is we are growing closer as a family--I have had help with the dishes EVERYday so far--we all seem a bit happier!

I hope to start getting my menu's and shopping lists up on here so that by next year I will have a full year's menu and shopping done!  Wouldn't that be exciting!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What am I doing?

Last week we took a whirlwind trip to Utah for my husbands Grandmothers funeral. Beautiful lady, wonderful life, happy (I'm sure) to be with her husband again.

While there we stayed at my parents house, which is right next door to my Grandparents. Grandpa almost 91--Grandma 89  When we arrived Gramps was down in the barn working on some wood projects--just as he was when I was a kid.  Grandma cleaning and cleaning, just like when I was a kid. 

That's when I started to wonder how on earth they have that much energy--it seems they have more than me--how come--how do I get some?

So here on this blog I will attempt to record my efforts in making this old fashioned soul of mine (for I know and am made sometimes painfully aware that I am old fashioned) happy and healthy BODY and SOUL.