Thursday, September 1, 2016

What's For Dinner?

I really hate HATE writing out a menu--but I like how much time-energy-and money I save when I have one done! So I set out to make 52 weekly menus so I would never have to make another menu again!!! By menu 20 I realized that I was going to repeat foods so I might as well just make 20 and rotate through them--That gives me almost 5 months worth of menus before repeating so between that and holidays I should be set--HOORAY!!

There is a "New Recipe" night once a week to satisfy my need for creativity and to add variety--we, as a family, enjoy trying new or re-invented recipes! I think I might use it as a favorites night as well! It took a while to accomplish but I am so glad it is done!! Here's to easier times ahead!!!