Saturday, December 4, 2010

My tree!

I love my tree-everything on it is sentimental to me--it's my perfect tree, only difference this year is that it is a real tree--Joe and I have never had a real tree--won't be going back to a fake tree again. Love the look, love the smell.
It is by complete silliness on my part that it is real--we had a fake tree--I sold it--why--I thought that our house was going to sell lightening quick--silly me--I should have realized by now that my timing and thinking have nothing to do with Heavenly Fathers knowledge and timing. Someday I hope to master this, learn to do all I can and turn it over to my Creator to show me His way. 
Here it is--isn't it perfect?......for me :]

1 comment:

  1. My someone had a burst of blogging energy!! Sorry but you will have to settle for a boring fake tree here. Yours is beautiful. I miss real trees. So now I get a real wreath and put it in the same room for the smell, how's that??