Monday, November 15, 2010

Food 1

It's almost been a week since I started this one--we are going off the grid--in a food way that is,  no processed food and also no food containing Aspartame.....I know there have been reports both ways that aspartame is cancer causing and arguments that it is not, but here are my thoughts on is no secret that I have spent the last year losing weight, and I have lost quite a bit 40+ I of course am no stranger to light, no sugar added products!  But I started noticing labels a while back and decided that I no longer wanted to eat ANYTHING that contained aspartame... I don't know if it causes cancer or not all I know is that it is in A LOT and I mean A LOT of products most diet sodas (which I pretty much have cut soda out completely very hard for this avid Diet Coke drinker) most gums, almost everything that says "sugar free", light yogurt, crystal light, little drink packets for water know a lot of things a person trying to lose weight relies the new adventure begins with food I am not sure how it will all turn out--Joe and I both got our starting weights and will give it a week and then see what the results are. As for processed food--we are trying the "if you can't pronounce the ingredients-then don't eat it" rule--a little harder than it sounds? It might take some time to wean my kids off  of  some of their favs--but hopefully I will be able to replace them with some new healthier favs--Jimmy (5) did request meatloaf and carrots for his birthday dinner--so it might not be as hard as I imagine it to be?

Now here is where my old soul mojo comes in--we are on day 5 of  me getting up early to make a HOT breakfast. We all have homemade lunches.  We have only gone out to eat once--that was Thursday for my normal McD's playdate for Jimmy.  And I am trying to make more balanced meals--like my Mom and Grandma do.  I have loved every single minute of being in the kitchen--adds a lot of work to my day--but there is nothing I love more than serving my family!

The BIG plus to all of this is we are growing closer as a family--I have had help with the dishes EVERYday so far--we all seem a bit happier!

I hope to start getting my menu's and shopping lists up on here so that by next year I will have a full year's menu and shopping done!  Wouldn't that be exciting!


  1. You are very brave! I've been working out and dieting for the last four months and I don't know if I could give up my splenda and aspertame. Although Isaac needed me to save my soda cans this weekend for a school project. I noticed by the end of yesterday I'd had 3 diet mt. dews in ONE day. I realize that can't be better than eating brownies. You'll have to let me know how it turns out. I've thought about doing the same thing but have wondered how I'd survive.

  2. Don't give up the Splenda--at least I haven't! It's kinda my saving grace!

  3. Hey Manda, I went on a make everything from scratch kick once. Got some good recipes. I also had to learn some kid favorite recipes. I have to admit I don't do it as often anymore. Its just so much easier (not tastier) to dump out chicken nuggets than to make them. I did the hot breakfast thing too, but ... Hope yours goes better than mine :) I might even try it again, thanks to you. Amber

  4. Amber you are amazing--send me some recipes when you get a chance--luckily my kids are loving the hot breakfast so I don't think I can go back!