Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today I was starting to put out my Christmas decorations--every year since Joe and I were married (1999) I have made the Christmas cards we receive into these cute little boxes. I learned how to make them from some awesome YW leaders. I love them. But today I love them even more.......
I have cards from when my brother was on his mission, cards from Grandma Betty, cards from friends, if you have sent me a card--it's a box! I used to put them on my tree, but there are too many now! 
I was getting out last years cards to make them into boxes and I happened upon this card and this box--
I lost it....I miss my Uncle RJ so much! I started thinking about this past year and all of those that we love so dearly that have passed away.....our dear friend Leo, my Uncle, Joe's Grandma  it's been a tough year.  When I look at all the cards from years past I am so grateful to know that I have a Loving Father in Heaven who has made it possible for me to be with these sweet people again someday! And I am grateful for traditions that remind me of them and help me to still feel close to them.

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  1. I love and cherish my little boxes you have made for me. And I seem to be crying for RJ at lot this week. Hold on to your strong testimony, it will be tested but you can do it