Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I feel like I am constantly in search of something to satisfy--I try hard to just live in the moment--take it all in and find the joy in the now--but most of the time I am looking--looking for something that is truly me that truly makes me feel satisfied and like well ME! Am I alone in the venture? It's not that I am un-happy--it's just feeling restless, not myself, always looking or waiting?


  1. I'm The same way sometimes. Everytime it's something different that brings me out of it. Usually a project that totally consumes me and makes me feel accomplished when I'm done. Learning to sew dresses when bri was little etc. Next time I'm restless I'm going to the library to study appholstry. I want new couch covers. My friend learned how to wire her outlets. That would make me nervous.

  2. The journey of self discovery is never ending...try to relax and go with the flow, accept challenges and grow, this my sweet daughter is life